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Pressure Washing services

Lifts dirt, grime, moss and other substances off your surfaces

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Pressure Washing cleaning prices

Large driveway/patio(60-80 sq/m)285 eur
Medium driveway/patio(40-60 sq/m)205 eur
Small driveway/patio(up to 40 sq/m)175 eur
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How does it work?

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1. Inspection

Our technician will inspect the patio, deck, driveway or pavement to determine the kind of material he will be working with.

2. Equipment

The technician then gets his pressure washing equipment ready to use.

3. Process

Technician uses different pressure washer attachments to pressure wash the area he will be working on.

4. Stains

If there is any stains or organic growth, we will use eco-friendly chemicals to get rid of them.

Five reasons to clean

Five reasons to Pressure Washing

1. It Protects the Health of Your Family

Depending on where you live and what surrounds your home, mold and mildew can settle in and on the surfaces outside your home. Mold and mildew are a common irritant for those who suffer from asthma and allergies, so being sure to pressure wash at least twice a year can be beneficial to easing some of those pain points.

2. Proactive Maintenance

Routinely pressure washing your home prevents the build up of things like mold, mildew, and dirt. If left on the surface of your home, over time this grime can cause your home’s building materials to deteriorate and need to be replaced instead of just repaired. Routine maintenance is key to keeping your home in tip-top shape.

3. Prevents Major Damage

Winter grime, mold, mildew, moss, algae, and stains can cause serious damage to your property if left unattended for a long time. Pressure washing helps you to easily get rid of all these elements without causing a huge impact on the environment like traditional cleaning methods.

4. Primes Surfaces for Paint

Before any exterior painting project, it is necessary to have a clean surface so as to not trap in any grime. It will also clear off any old paint that is barely hanging on to allow for a smooth surface to paint.

5. Helps you preserve the value of your property

A home, particularly on its exterior, continually faces harsh natural and man-made elements such as wind, dust, dirt, rain, smoke, pollution and more. These elements take a toll on the home’s walls and exterior paint, and this can easily lower the value of your property if left unattended. Pressure washing helps you to freshen up and preserve your home’s appearance, even making it easy to sell; and at higher value for that matter.

Five reasons to clean

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How long does the service take?

    This is not an hourly-based service. It all depends on the dimensions of the area that is being washed.

  • 2. Do you need a parking space?

    Yes, as close to your property as possible. The technician arrives with a van loaded with all the equipment.

  • 3. What surfaces can be cleaned with pressure washing?

    Plastic, tiles, concrete, stone, metal, wood: pretty much anything solid and sturdy enough. Probably the only exception is glass.

  • 4. Can pressure washing remove oil or paint stains?

    Well, in some cases there will be some noticeable effect but we can’t guarantee complete removal.

  • 5. Why don’t you use any detergents?

    The jet washing service is often done near garden/green spaces. If we were to use any chemicals, they might end up in the soil, which will have a detrimental effect on the plants. On the other hand, the pressure washing is effective enough as it is.

  • 6. What surfaces can be sanitized after the cleaning?

    We sanitize all garden surfaces, furniture, door handles etc. and wipe them after the spraying.

What clients are saying...

Excellent Trustpilot iconover 617 reviews on Trustpilot icon
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Excellent, Mindy just like last time was professional. thorough genuinely a real pleasure to work with, no hesitation to recommend to anyone.

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Edward Simpson Trustpilot icon
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Very professional service. Mindy did perfect job, arrived on time, all in all very satisfied and will certainly recommend and use again myself.

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June Redmond Trustpilot icon
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Great job done oven is sparkling! No mess and guy who did the job very pleasant to deal with. Thank you.

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Karen Phillips Trustpilot icon
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location we served in Dublin
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