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Carpet cleaning services

Extends the life of your carpet and keeps it looking new

  • Removes carpet stains
  • Maintains a healthier living environment
  • Contributes to the overall clean feel of a home
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Carpet cleaning prices

Large Rug55 eur
Medium Rug45 eur
Small Rug(up to 3 m2)30 eur
Stairs & Landing85 eur
Staircase(up to 14 steps)55 eur
Hallway(10x4 feet)45 eur
Through lounge(28x12 feet)90 eur
Lounge/ Dining room(12x12 feet)60 eur
One Bedroom(up to 20 m2)70 eur
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How does it work?

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1. Spot stain removal

We carry a wide range of stain removal detergents to target coffee, wine, vomit, blood, pet urine and many more.

2. Pre-treatment

Pre-treatment of all carpeted areas using targeted detergents depending on material and condition.

3. Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction using industry leading equipment to apply hot water onto the carpeted areas shampooing and cleaning the fibers whilst simultaneously extracting any dirt and germs.

4. Sanitiser and odor neutraliser

We understand the importance of having clean carpets that smell fresh. With all of our treatments we apply a scented deodorizer and sanitiser as part of the package.

5. Stain protection

It is important to give your carpets a long life. That’s why we include stain protection on our cleans, this helps provide longevity to your carpets and helps protect them if any future stains occur.

Five reasons to clean

Five reasons to clean carpets yearly

1. Prolongs the life of carpeting

Regular carpet cleaning using the extraction method can increase the life of carpets significantly, protecting your floor-covering investment.

2. Protects indoor air quality

Carpets trap airborne pollutants; however, eventually those pollutants must be removed in order to protect the carpet and maintain indoor air quality.

3. Makes carpets easier to maintain

Most carpet soiling is made up of dry soils; when carpets are kept thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, most dry soils can be removed with regular vacuuming.

4. Removes spots and stains

As with other soils, spots and stains can attract more soiling. Removing them promptly protects carpeting from damage.

5. Prevents buildup of allergens and bacteria

Moist soiling of carpets can result in the buildup of several unhealthy contaminants.

Five reasons to clean

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

    Hiring a carpet cleaning company definitely is worth it. They will clean your carpet more deeply and carefully than you, removing any dirt and allergens.

  • 2. Will carpet cleaning be disruptive to my family?

    The team at Evrus will work with you to schedule a time convenient for you.

  • 3. How often do I need to get my carpets cleaned?

    We recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months.

  • 4. Is professional carpet cleaning expensive?

    Professional cleaning can be just pennies compared to the cost of replacing it.

  • 5. Are the cleaning chemicals safe for my family?

    Yes! All of the ingredients in our cleaning solutions are considered safe for your family by the Woolsafe® program which is a Worldwide independent body. ShiningServices specialist cleaning solutions are 100% safe for your fabrics and also help prolong the lifespan of your carpet and other surfaces.

  • 6. How long does it take for the carpet to dry out?

    Carpets made of synthetic fibre will usually air-dry on their own in 3 to 6 hours. Wool, on the other hand, will stretch the timeframe from 4 to 8 hours. We will also bring an air-mover for free. It will significantly speed up the drying process by increasing the airflow.

What clients are saying...

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Brilliant job as always. Oven is like new and Ensuite sparkling all the mildew etc gone. Quick and super efficient. Very respectful and lovely staff. Worth every cent.

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Juliette Moreau Google star icon
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I can't recommend Shining Oven enough - I get them out once a year before the big Christmas feast is cooked, and it honestly feels like they leave me with a new oven and hob each time!

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Tom Lowth Google star icon
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Well after a visit from Shiningoven my Oven is Shining great service as I had tried to clean it my self but could not get the glass ect clean. Very happy yo be Turkey ready!!!

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