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BBQ cleaning services

Extends the life of your barbecue and keeps it looking new

  • Your grill will heat up faster
  • You can prevent rust
  • Your food will taste better
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BBQ cleaning prices

Large BBQ(4 to 6 burners)90 eur
Medium sized BBQ(up to 3 burners)75 eur
Small round BBQ65 eur
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How does it work?

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1. BBQ inspection

The BBQ is carefully inspected

2. Detachment

All detachable parts are removed and placed in a dip tank filled with a cleaning solution

3. Hand scraping

Detergent is sprayed all over the BBQ and it is hand-scraped afterwards

4. Thorough cleaning

The outer surfaces of the BBQ are thoroughly cleaned

5. Reassemblemnt

The grill is reassembled and your BBQ is ready for use right away

Five reasons to clean

Five reasons to clean BBQ

1. Eliminates built up carcinogens

Even if you dutifully scrape your grill after each and every use, over time carcinogens can build up on the grates and be transferred to your food during the cooking process, which could pose health risks.

2. Prevents Bacteria from Contaminating Your Food

A dirty grill attracts germs and bacteria, all of which can get onto your food and potentially make you sick.

3. BBQ Heats Up Faster

If your grill is caked in food particles, sauces, or stuck-on debris, then it’s going to make things a little slower when you’re cooking. A clean grill will heat up evenly and cook things more efficiently than a dirty one.

4. Excess Grease Can Cause Flare Ups

When you’re grilling, the most important safety tip is to watch for flare ups, which could burn you or even cause a serious fire. Failing to clean your grill could cause excess grease to accumulate, which could, in turn, contribute to a flare up later on.

5. Prevents rust

Rust can be unsafe for you and your family if ingested. Keeping your bbq squeky clean can prevent rust from forming on the grates, warming rack or burners, thereby eliminating the risk of your food coming into contact with rust

Five reasons to clean

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Do you disassemble the BBQ?

    Yes. The removable parts are detached and placed in a dip tank filled with cleaning solution while the rest of the grill is scrubbed manually.

  • 2. Will the cleaning process cause a mess?

    This is a possibility but the technician will use protective plastic sheets and pads to cover the work area and make sure to clean after himself. No worries there.

  • 3. Will the technician bring cleaning equipment and detergents?

    Yes, the specialists come fully equipped with everything they need to provide you with outstanding results.

  • 4. Can you clean my BBQ while it’s raining outside?

    Yes, we can! As long as the BBQ is located somewhere with a roof over it and there’s access to drainage and hot water, we can clean it.

  • 5. Do I need to be home to have my grill cleaned?

    Our technicians will give you a 20 to 30 minute heads-up text prior to their arrival. If you cannot meet us, you may provide instructions on how to enter your garden.

  • 6. How often should a grill be professionally cleaned?

    We recommend to deep clean your BBQ before and after the grilling season.

What clients are saying...

Excellent Trustpilot iconover 617 reviews on Trustpilot icon
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Excellent, Mindy just like last time was professional. thorough genuinely a real pleasure to work with, no hesitation to recommend to anyone.

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Edward Simpson Trustpilot icon
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Very professional service. Mindy did perfect job, arrived on time, all in all very satisfied and will certainly recommend and use again myself.

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June Redmond Trustpilot icon
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Great job done oven is sparkling! No mess and guy who did the job very pleasant to deal with. Thank you.

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Karen Phillips Trustpilot icon
location we served in Dublin

Which regions do we cover?

location we served in Dublin
All of:
  • Dublin
Parts of:
  • Kildare
  • Louth
  • Meath
  • Wicklow

Attention! If you are outside Dublin, please contact us to confirm if we could provide the service.

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