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Appliance cleaning services

Extends the life of your appliances and keeps it looking new

  • Get rid of bad smells
  • Durability
  • Freshness
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Appliance cleaning prices

Tumble dryer machine30 eur
Washing machine40 eur
Dishwasher machine45 eur
Standard style fridge45 eur
American style fridge65 eur
Combined microwave oven40 eur
Small microwave15 eur
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How does it work?

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1. Inspection

The technician will inspect the appliance to determine if it functions properly.

2. Area coverage

He will cover the area where the appliance will be cleaned with protective sheets to avoid a possible mess.

3. Preparation

All removable parts of the appliances are taken out.

4. Disassemblement

The appliance is partially disassembled, some components might be detached, and all areas are cleaned from the inside and outside.

5. Reassemblent

When all parts of your appliances are cleaned to perfection, the specialist will assemble it and turn it back on.

Five reasons to clean

Five reasons to clean Appliances

1. Health

Maintaining clean appliances keeps you healthy and your home safe. Appliances can be prone to bacteria, viruses, mold, and other contaminants, which can affect both you and your family's health.

2. Efficiency

Cleaning your appliances regularly ensures that they are working correctly and efficiently. When your appliances aren’t cleaned regularly, they can not only grow bacteria, dust, and mold but also decrease their lifespan. Cleaning every part of your appliances and fixtures allows your appliances to operate correctly and last longer.

3. Durability

An appliance will usually have a lengthy lifespan, depending on the make, model, and other factors. To maintain durable appliances, performing regular maintenance and cleaning them is vital to ensure their longevity.

4. Freshness

When using appliances or even dishware in your kitchen, let’s be honest you want the things you’re using in your home to be fresh and clean. Using natural cleaners is safe for your family and keeps your home fresh and comfortable.

5. Improved Energy-Efficiency

Did you know that keeping your appliances clean improves how energy-efficient they are? When you regularly clean your appliances, they work more efficiently. If your appliances are performing correctly, then you will save money on your energy bills.

Five reasons to clean

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How long does your appliance cleaning service take?

    The duration depends entirely on the appliance’s size and condition. After all, we always strive to be as thorough as possible in order to bring you the best possible results.

  • 2. Do you use chemicals for the cleaning?

    Yes, and the detergents used in the service are perfectly safe for your family and pets. But in case you are sensitive to certain chemicals, then please warn us in advance so that we can provide you with a suitable alternative.

  • 3. How often should I have my fridge and freezer professionally cleaned?

    We recommend that you use a professional fridge and freezer cleaning services at least twice a year.

  • 4. How strong is the detergent that you use?

    The detergent we use contains Sodium lauryl sulfate. It practically kills all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans and other microbial agents. It will completely disinfect the surfaces of your appliances killing all harmful, disease-causing pathogens.

  • 5. Will the technician clean after himself?

    Yes, he will leave the area perfectly clean and presentable.

What clients are saying...

Excellent Google star iconover 127 reviews on Google logo icon
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Brilliant job as always. Oven is like new and Ensuite sparkling all the mildew etc gone. Quick and super efficient. Very respectful and lovely staff. Worth every cent.

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Juliette Moreau Google star icon
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I can't recommend Shining Oven enough - I get them out once a year before the big Christmas feast is cooked, and it honestly feels like they leave me with a new oven and hob each time!

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Tom Lowth Google star icon
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Well after a visit from Shiningoven my Oven is Shining great service as I had tried to clean it my self but could not get the glass ect clean. Very happy yo be Turkey ready!!!

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Peter Farrell Google star icon
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Attention! If you are outside Dublin, please contact us to confirm if we could provide the service.

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